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Why is grooming important?

Guinea pigs, like most other hairy creatures, shed just before the hottest time of the year and grooming them during this time will help them to shed unwanted hair and keep them cool. Guinea pigs also lose a small amount of hair all year round and so weekly grooming helps to keep the coat fresh and free of old hairs.

When grooming watch out for:

Scabs on the skin
Have a rummage through the fur with your fingers before grooming to see if there are any scabs. Groom around them gently to avoid damaging the scab.

Knots in the hair

Your first go with the comb should be slow and gentle just in case you find any knots. Untangle them gently with a de-matting comb.
Here is a photo of a pig who had knots/mats in his hair.

The pevious owner was unable to groom him due to health issues and after months it got out of control.
Here is a photo of the mat once it was cut out.1/4 of the left side of this pig was nothing but a solid mat.

Image how much that must have hurt the poor pig. Daily or every two day brushing would prevent your pig from getting mats like this.

Learn more on brushing here: Brushing

Grooming is not just about brushing out your guinea pig. Bathing is great for short or long haired guinea pigs.  To learn even more about how to bath your guinea pig, what shampoo's to use and even how to dry them: Bathing & Drying

On top of brushing, bathing and drying, clipping nails is a very important thing that a guinea pig owner must do. To learn more on nail clipping: Nail Cutting

Trimming your guinea pigs hair is a matter of breeds. Some breeds do not grow their hair long, thus there is no real need to trim their hair. If your like a lot of guinea pig owners, trimming long hair guinea pigs can be a frustrating challenge. This is why a good friend send photos to help all of us. For more information:  Trimming

Grease glands are something that all guinea pigs have but males are the ones with the issues. Glands should be cleaned when there is evidence of a build up. For more information: Grease Gland Cleaning

Boar cleaning tips, boars need to have their anal sacks and penises cleaned, learn more about how to do that here: Boar Only Cleaning Tips