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Why should you not house a guinea pig and rabbit together?

You may have heard that guinea pigs and rabbits should not be housed together but why? Here is a list of a few reasons.


Guinea pigs as you know need pellets with Vitamin C. in them, rabbits do not. What they do need is higher amounts of Vitamin A. which in the high amounts they need it can be harmful to guinea pigs causing health issues in the future. In addition, some rabbit pellets, designed for use by breeders and labs, contain antibiotics that are potentially harmful to guinea pigs. Its not just the pellets, their veggie needs are different too.

Size and strength

Rabbits often kick or stomp with their powerful hind feet when they are expressing their emotions. Even a small dwarf rabbit can kick hard enough to hurt or even kill your guinea pig.


In the case of rabbits, a very common bacteria found in their respiratory tract is Pasteurella. While antibiotic treatments can control this disease, it often lingers on in a carrier state and
requires occasional treatment. Rabbits can live a long life as carriers of Pasteurella and not even show any symptoms. However, guinea pigs are highly susceptible to respiratory infections, and their fragile immune system is not equipped to battle this pathogen. If exposed
to Pasteurella, a guinea pig is many times more likely than a rabbit to succumb to the organism and die.

Social Life

Rabbits enjoy cuddling and grooming each other, and as guinea pig owners we know that guinea pigs just don't do that to often. Guinea pigs tend to want their "personal space" while rabbits need close contact for a healthy mental state.

If that isn't enough reasons for you to not house a rabbit with a
guinea pig please take the time to read Elly's first hand account
from guinealynx forum:

Please note that these photos may be graphic to some viewers.