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Step by Step Hair Trimming

A big thank you to Cutemomome and Emma for all the grooming photos..

Hair Trimming 101:

Long haired guinea pigs like Emma need to be trimming around her bum area and sides. This will help fight against urinary tract infections and help keep the bottom of those long locks clean. Cutting the bum area as well as trimming the sides to cut back in mats as well.

 Gently hold your guinea pig on his or her back to trim her bum and genital area.

When trimming this area cut cautiously, baby steps. Momo also suggests trimming the bum area weekly to keep it as short as possible.

 This is how your trim the sides.

NOTE: I personally use this guide for my own long haired pigs. I love it and its really easy to go if you give them something to munch on like some lettuce or cilantro.