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The Human.

My name is Robin. I am a Canadian mother to 3 human kids and many furry babies, including my service dog Odie. I am the master mind, creator and information gatherer for Canadian Cavy but most importantly, I am a woman who is passionate about animal welfare. Due to health issues I no longer do rescue work and only take in rare cases to add to my own guinea pig herd. I suffer from PTSD which makes me unable to work with the public anymore and spend as much time as I'd like being able to help Canadian cavy owners.

I created Canadian Cavy to help educate Canadians on the proper care of guinea pigs. When I first started my guinea pig journey in 2008 I found little information for Canadians online. That's when my love became a passion of mine. In 2009 I decided to start making a site that would have information for Canadians. Since then I've added, by error and trial or hours of research, information onto my ever growing site.

Education is key to happy healthy guinea pigs. I've learned many things over the years, some good and some bad but the reason I still work hard to maintain this site is because I know first hand what its like to try to learn this on ones own. 

My only goal is to help you help your guinea pig. I do not profit from my site, nor any content on here. I pay a monthly fee to keep this site going and its my gift to all piggies that their parents be able to see the effort this site gives to help educate owners.

Current Pigs Behind Canadian Cavy

Our herd of female (sow) guinea pigs. All rescued or surrendered to us at some point. Having a herd of Diva has its own challenges (can you say pee on the wall from spats between two or more?!)

None of the following guinea pigs are for adoption. These are my personal piggies (aka sanctuary guinea pigs). They may not be rehomeable due to age or they were foster fails, either way they live here full time and there is never a dull moment!

Want to learn more about each piggie? Keep reading...... 

Alba is and unknown breed. Her fur feels crinkly but soft at the same time. Her hair flows back towards her bum which makes her part Silkie. She came to us in June 2014 with her sister Happy. Alba means Dawn in Italian. If you scroll down you will notice another guinea pig who looks a lot like her, her name was Eve, hence the name Dawn.

Alba is a very timid girl until she trusts you. Once you have that trust she will sit by the side of the cage begging for treats and pets. She currently has cataracts due to her elderly age.

Molly is a sweet America guinea pig (aka short hair breed). She was an owner surrender when a pet store miss sexed the two guinea pigs that the owner bought. Because of this error Molly ended up having two litter of guinea pigs before she came to me, the second litter was still nursing from her. 

She came to us with the male, one older daughter and 4 2 week old babies. She was very thin and her hair was falling out.

60 days after come to stay with me she gave birth to her third and final litter. Since then she hasn't had to deal with those issues. She's put on tons of weight and has a nice healthy thick coat of fur.

Pumpkin is a spunky Abby x American piggie. She is from Molly's final litter. We fell fast in love with her chubby butt when she was born, we just couldn't give her up.

Pumpkin unlike her older sister and mom, has always had a pretty easy life. Shes a pampered diva who's demands are usually the loudest.

She doesn't like being picked up or pet in the cage but once settled on your lap she is one snuggle piggie. 

Pumpkin is our youngest piggie in the herd currently.

Princess Peach is an Abby x american cross as well. She came with molly and the family. She's our smallest piggie, why? Well I personally feel that she was stunted due to lack of proper cage for her mom during and after her pregnancy (which why we should leave the breeding up to others and not buy from pet stores, adopt first but if you can't buy from reputable breeders).

She has my partner wrapped around her little paw and you will see her and "daddy" snuggling or chit chatting as he passes by the cage.

Pickle is a sweet Abby piggie, funky hair and full on attitude. She hates being picked up. She is as sour as it gets some days.

She's also the lowest level of piggie in the herd and can be heard protesting anyone who picks on her.

She does LOVE to snuggle when you get her settled and will sit with you for a while, snuggling into your cloths. 

Both her and Potato were an owner surrender due to job changes, allergies in the family and moving.

Potato is called a Teddy breed. Her hair is short, stands on end and feels like a crinkly sponge. She our second oldest and need daily ear cleaning due to her breed.

Shes also our chunkiest piggie! She's always up for some veggies or treats.

She's got such a cute face but due to her care needs we decided that cute face or not, she had to say.

Both her and Pickle were an  owner surrender due to job changes, allergies in the family and moving.

The Piggy Palace 


Updated March 2017

Welcome to our Piggie Palace. This years current cage for our herd of 6 sows. The total measurements are 2 feet x 10 feet for a total of 20sq ft of cage space. The wood is planned to be painted in the future. I currently do cage cleanings often to avoid spoiling the bottom wood base until I have time to make it water proof. I would NEVER suggest using shavings on this time of cage as it would rot the base. The sides are 6" tall.

*Disclaimer: if your guinea pigs aren't used to lower open cages like mine DO NOT house them like this.

Gone but not forgotten....


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