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First Aid

Here is a list of items that are handy to have on hand in case of a medical emergency. Making a special box to hold these is a great idea because it will keep everything together.

General Care
Digital Scale
Mineral Oil
Fingernail Clippers
Weekly Weight Chart for each pig

Eye Care
Eye Wash
GenTeal Eye Drops

Ear Care

Wound Care
Cotton Swabs
Cotton Pads
Unscented Baby Wipes
Styptic Powder
VetWrap Bandage (or other elastic self-stick bandages)
Bitter Apple Spray to stop licking wounds

Skin Care
Humilac Spray
Coconut Oil
Bunny Bath or similar safe, gentle shampoo

1 cc Oral
3 cc Oral
5 cc Oral
10 cc Oral
(Syringes must have no needle for flushing wounds or administering medication or force feedings)

Boar Care
KY Jelly

Critical Care *
Plain Pedialyte
Probiotics (may need to be refrigerated)
Vitamin C Tabs or Liquid
Hot Water Bottle

* I make something like Critical Care out of crushed pellets and pedialyte with a little baby food, usually a high fiber baby food.

Your guinea pig’s first aid kit should be kept in a cool, dry place where you have easy access to it, such as an interior closet. Many people keep medications and first aid supplies (even for humans) in bathrooms, but because of moisture from baths and showers this is not an ideal location.

Normal Values for a Guinea Pig:
Temperature: 100- 102.5° F
Pulse rate: 250 - 300 bpm
Respiration: 80 - 90 respirations per minute.

Additional Items to Consider or Keep Nearby
Towels (for restraint)
Pet carrier
Ear Thermometer

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