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Adopt don't shop!

So you want a guinea pig, but where to start? What to get? Do you ask a pet store owner? Do buy the guinea pig at a store or adopt from a SPCA or rescue? Well here is a quick step by step to let you, a cavy slave in training.

 So read up and have fun, because in a few weeks, your piggie will be wheeking for all their piggie needs.

Buying or Adopting

If you haven't yet gotten your new family member your probably thinking, do I buy or do I adopt? We at Canadian Cavy have done both. Our first guinea pig was a pet store buy but once we learned that there were many that needed homes we adopted each and every one after and suggest that you should always adopt first. Please check out our link section for a rescue close to you.

 But why should you adopt? Here are some of our reasons why you should:

1. Most small animals in shelters where bought for kids, who lose interest in them on a few months later and after a few years the parents get rid of them.

2. While most shelters are slowly becoming "no-kill" some still do, so these guinea pigs that can live 5 to 10 years are being put down at 3 or less.

 3. Like all pets there is an over population of guinea pigs, breeding from people who do not know what they are doing, as well as backyard breeders who sell guinea pigs to pet stores for parents to buy for their kids. All if not most of these either die or are taken to rescues and shelters.

So please think of this when you go to get your new pet.

What you will need for your new family member

Here is a list of the basic things you will need for your new family member.

  • A cage: we recommend building or buy a C&C cage
  • Bedding: Fleece is used more often by guinea pig owners then you would think. For more information go to: Cavy Bedding
  • Pellets, Veggies and Hay. Check out local farmers for hay. Read more here: Cavy Diet
  • Water Bottle
  • A Hide house (one per pig)
  • Toys
  • Grooming Supplies

This is the basic list. Once you get your pig you can buy cuddle cups and other cozy things for your guinea pig.

Other Important Information.

Here is some very important information for new owners.

Information on keeping Rabbits and Guinea pigs together, something you should never do and reasons why: Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Information on guinea pig taming and holding your guinea pig: Taming

Information on guinea pig neutering: Neutering

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