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Neutered guinea pigs:

A good way to house 2 or more guinea pigs is to have a male guinea pig altered, also known as neutering or castration. Housing one male with many females in a properly sized cage is a great way to have more than one guinea pig. Please note: Altering a guinea pig comes with many risks and does not alter male to male behavior. The only reason a male should be altered is if he is being housed with a female (sow) or if it is medically needed.

Our experience:

Recently I was able to have a male (boar) neutered. Reko does not get along at all with males and in order to make sure he did not live a lonely life, which was making him unhappy, I took him to my cavy savvy vet, Dr. Dell, at the Animal Ark Pet Clinic here in Edmonton. His procedure was done 03/05/2013 and was uneventful. I asked Dr. Dell's staff if they could ask her to send me something about how she does the procedure to share on this site, here is the information she sent me:

"Castration is preformed in pet guinea pigs for population control or to prevent male (boar) from breeding with intact females for which pregnancy would not be safe (e.g., those with a closed pubic symphysis). No information is available on the incidence of testicular tumors in boars, and I have not encountered a case.

The inguinal rings of the boar are open, and the large testes are easily retracted into the abdomen. Castration is not difficult but must be done by the closed method. Alternatively, the inguinal rings can be closed; however this is a more extensive approach and is not necessary if the tunic is closed.

Position the anaesthetized boar in dorsal recumbency with the rear limbs spread. Gently shave the hair from the scrotum to allow for a sterile field approximately 3x4 cm in size. After sterile surgical preparation, use sterile towels or adhesive drapes that cover the field. I prefer clear adhesive draps that cover the patient but allowed allows visual monitoring of respirations.

Palpate both testes. Holding one testicle between the thumb and forefinger, make a 1 cm incision through the skin and the subcutis over it approximately 1 cm lateral to the penis. Expose the testicle in its tunic and retract it from the incision. Doubly ligate and transfix the testicular pedicle in a closed fasion with 3-0 absorbable suture. Transect the cord and remove the testicle. The closed stump will retract into the incision. Close the tunic if it is accidentally cut or torn. If it is not possible to close the tunic, the incision must be extended cranially and inguinal ring closed in order to prevent the herniation of abdominal contents.

Close the incision with tissue adhesive (glue). The procedure is repeated on the other side. Recovery is rapid."

Here is some information that is VERY important to recovery:

Cage cleanliness is utmost important. If you don't house your boar on fleece, vet bed or towels, you will need to do so until he is healed. Change everything daily.

Make sure your male is eating, if not hand feed crushed pellet or critical care by oxbow (both with water).

Do not house the male with the sow for 4 weeks, some say 3 and others say 6 but my vet said 3-4 weeks.

watch for signs of infection, this include; redness, swelling, bad odor, and puss.

If the area starts to bleed or opens up, go to your vet asap.

Currently (03.06.2013) Reko is still recovering from his surgery. Here are the most current photos of him and his recovery:

Pre neuter 03.05.2013:
You can clearly see the anal sack, penis opening (little nub above the anal area) and the bulges around the anal area are his testicals.

Post Neuter 03.06.2013:
As you can see he is clearly pooping just fine. I added some polysporin (in tiny tiny amounts) to the incision site to help with healing. No swelling or redness, which is a sign of infection

Post Neuter 03.12.2013:

Today is one week post op. As you can see he is healing very well. I no longer add any polysporin to his incisions. Even his hair is growing back.

Post neuter 03.05.2013:

Incisions on either side of penis shaft area where the testicles were removed and glued shut. 

Post Neuter 03.07.2013:

Site looks good, though I am keeping an eye on the right incision because it looks a little bloody (no blood coming from it).

Post Neuter 03.19.2013

Today is two weeks post op. Externally you can see that he is pretty much healed. Just another two weeks before he can be placed with a female.

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